Why should Veterinary Clinic focus on selling their own branded products?


Why should Veterinary Clinic focus on selling their own branded products?

Veterinary clinics are the trusted source of information when it comes to animal health. All clinics provide the care that pet parents need and the guidance they look for in order to take proper care of their pets at home. So, it is eminent that the care of your clinic extends to their home. 

Extend your clinics care at their home 

As a veterinary practice, pet parents trust you for the care you provide to their pets. Rightly so, your clinic should extend the care at their home with the right products they need for at-home care. But most often, when you sell your customer product through your clinic, they don’t return to your clinic for refills. This is challenging for your practice.

So why don’t they return to your clinic?

  1. They find the product cheaper online on either amazon or chewy or other retailers. 
  2. It is convenient for them to get the products delivered at home, so buying online becomes an easy solution.

How can your clinic ensure that your customers come back to the clinic every time they need a refill?

Create your Clinic Brand with a custom label program

Private labeling your Clinic’s brand on the products you sell at your clinic is one of the best strategies to get your clinic’s customers to come to your clinic for refills. When your clinic private labels products to sell at the clinic and the vet recommends the products to the customers, pet parents always tend to stick to your clinic branded products as they trust the vet, and they come back to the clinic for every refill. 

Additional revenue generation  

As a veterinary practice, you ensure the best health for all your patients. Hence, shelving preventing care products at the clinic like dental chews, joint support, multivitamin supplements, etc., creates additional revenue sources, and custom labeling ensures continued revenue generation. 

Create your clinic’s subscription plan 

Another strategy to make your clinic’s customers come back to your clinic is to create a monthly product subscription plan for them. Create a customized subscription plan for each of your customers with customized product bundles suited to their pet’s conditions. This will ensure your clinic’s customers come to your clinic for refills and also a steady revenue flow for your practice. Having a monthly product subscription plan for your customers facilitates holistic care for your patients with products that boost overall health. 


Pet owners treat their pets no less than a family member, and they expect quality care and look up to their vet clinics for proper guidance regarding their pet’s health. When they seek advice from your clinic, they should also go to you for the solution and not online retailers like Amazon and Chewy. 

Custom labeling animal products and starting your clinic’s subscription plan ensures steady clinic revenue and ensures holistic pet health. 

If you like to know more about getting started on your clinic’s custom label, please get in touch with us. Contact Us Today!

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