Transform your Veterinary practice into Wellness care.


Transform your Veterinary practice into Wellness care.

Prevention is better than cure approach.

Transforming your veterinary practice from a treatment facility to a wellness center will be more rewarding and help your practice with customer retention.

So, what do we mean by “Wellness Care Center?”

Wellness is an umbrella term that encompasses all that is needed to live a healthy life. It includes everything from diet, routine health check-ups, steady exercise patterns, and more.

Wellness and medical assistance are two sides of the same coin. But if your practice focuses on just medical assistance, you are not providing a holistic approach to animal wellness.

Here’s what you need to do to transform your practice into wellness care.

Implement overall upkeep of health and hygiene into your practice.

The medical assistance approach is primarily limited to treatments, vaccines, and shots. Hence your customers return to your practice only when they need them for their pets. But adding a wellness approach will widen these boundaries. You can add dietary care, dental hygiene, reproductive health, and more.

Training your staff on consulting with the customer and including a holistic approach to animal care will ensure a higher customer retention rate and frequent visits to your practice.

Create a comprehensive wellness program plan.

Setting up a wellness program plan for your practice might sound like a daunting task, but, in reality, it is not. With a series of calculated steps, you can set up your clinic’s wellness program.

Here are some guided steps:

Step up an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in place.

The ideal first step to create your practice’s wellness program is to set up an EMR. EMR provides a base to build templates with questions about the pet’s lifestyle and habits and creates a platform to establish a constant dialogue with the owners.  VETport offers an easy and scalable solution to set up your practice’s EMR.

Staff participation.

Your staff plays the most crucial role in implementing a wellness program for your practice. Train your staff in consulting with customers about your wellness program. Also, capture success stories from customers who have signed up for wellness programs at your clinic. Staff participation in this regard is imperative.

Bundle wellness plan with products.

Bundling your wellness plans with products is a good idea as it increases your clinic’s OTC sales and improves your customer retention rate. You can also custom label your OTCs, and that way, your customers return to your clinic for product refills. Include grooming, dental, and digestive health OTC into your wellness plan for all customers.


Implementing a wellness program at your clinic will broaden the horizons of your veterinary practice, and you can surely increase your customer retention rate.

It will also increase the average per customer spending at your clinic. Pet owners nowadays care for their pets the same way they care about their family members, so it is becoming inevitable for practices to adopt this approach for animal healthcare.

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