Losing Your profits to online retailers

Losing Your profits to online retailers

Stop them from Chewing your profits away!

Running a veterinary clinic has its rewards, but the rewards don’t just come without challenges. Nothing is more rewarding than helping pets live healthy lives, but at the same time, the clinic needs to generate a profit.

With online retailers entering the animal healthcare industry, selling OTC products to the pet owner as a clinic is more challenging than ever before.

So, what’s the solution?

Although the rules of engagement remain traditional, a brand’s packaging has to be exclusive.

Here are some tips and tricks.

Staff Training.

Training your clinic’s staff on customer interaction is crucial for your practice to make a great impression. Your staff should be trained to be the sales representative and advocate for the OTC products you sell in your clinic. Proper training on the products, their many properties, and the benefits are essential in this regard.

Fragmenting the Invoice

Train your staff to practice fragmenting invoices. This will help boost your in-clinic OTC sales when a customer visits your clinic. Your staff needs to educate customers about different products you house in your clinic. Your team should be able to probe your customers and add OTC products to their invoices before they leave your clinic. For example, suppose a patient is leaving after having a dental exam or procedure. In that case, a staff member should automatically be recommending they go home with various dental products offered by the clinic. (Dental Wipes, Proden PlaqueOff powder, a Water additive, etc.)

Transactional to Transformational

Change your practice from a transactional practice to a transformational practice. It means having a well-rounded healthcare approach to your clinic’s practice. Your clinic should not only treat the pets with the condition they came to address but also advise your customers on the overall health of their pets. For example, if a customer is looking for treatment for Antipruritics, recommend to them the proper treatment and guide them to a probiotic for better digestive health for their pet. An approach like this gains trust from your customers as they would feel your clinic cares for their pets as much as they do and are looking out for their long-term health.

Samples go a long way.

Giving samples to customers and even staff members are crucial in boosting clinic OTC sales. Samples help customers try the products and give you essential feedback. Staff members can use the samples firsthand in the exam room before clientele and become advocates for the products to your customers. This provides confidence to customers that members of the veterinary clinic have used the items.

Display to sell.

Making sure your products are displayed well inside your clinic helps boost your OTC sale. Include pictures of your staff members using the products in your display stand. Place your display stand in such a way that it is hard for walk-ins to miss seeing it.

Practice reminders.

Set up a practice to remind your customers to check out the OTC products every time they visit your clinic. This should be included as a critical part of your staff training.

Online presence.

We live in a digital world now, so having a good website with an eCommerce store to sell you OTCs is imperative.

Keeping Track. 

Keeping track of your current customers who buys products from you is helpful in many ways. Most of them are highly likely to be repeat customers. Keeping track of their purchase cycle will put you in a position to send them reminders and ensure business continuity. Setting up automated emails and text message reminders helps a lot to channel customer engagements and repeat purchases.

Social media presence

If you are not using social media’s power, then you are surely missing out on opportunities. Make sure you include posts on your social handles that have your OTC products.

Clinic Label.

Branding your OTC products with your clinic label is an excellent strategy to ensure your current customers buy all their OTC products from you and you don’t lose them to big online giants. Talk to your suppliers and wholesalers to find out if they can brand the products with your clinic label.

Following a few, simple yet effective measures can increase your clinic’s revenue a lot just by selling OTC products.

If you like to know more about boosting your clinic’s sales or are interested in creating your clinic label, contact our representative today.

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