Complement with a Supplement.


Complement with a Supplement.

Stream additional revenue for your veterinary practice.

Since the introduction of supplements in the veterinary field in the 1990s, it has created an additional revenue stream for veterinary clinics. But the question is – Is your clinic taking advantage of this?

Today, pet supplements are hugely popular in the United States, achieving sales of $800 million in 2020, a 21% jump from the year before, according to Packaged Facts. This puts a spotlight on how veterinary clinics can sell supplements and raise profits for their clinics by competing with online retailers, pet stores, grocery stores, and big-box stores, or should veterinarians just stick to legend drugs? 

With the growing trend of the use of human supplements, pet owners frequently look for veterinarians to advise them on which supplements would be helpful for their pets. They want you to consider alternatives to traditional medications. In addition, they want options they think will be safer than or supplement prescribed drugs. According to research done by Diggo, 4 in 10 pet owners believe that learning from veterinarians about the pros and cons of various pet supplements and receiving product recommendations is highly important. Additionally, two-thirds of pet owners want to know about supplements from their veterinarian.

So, the veterinary clinics indeed have the advantage of selling supplements at the clinics. 

This brings us back to our first question, are veterinary clinics doing everything to capitalize on selling supplements?

Here are a few steps that a clinic should implement to improve selling supplements.

Partnering with the right supplier 

In the competitive market, trying to counter big-box stores and online giants can be difficult, especially competing with them on price points. Choosing a supplement supplier with fair contract pricing will be helpful. 

Custom labeling your clinic’s supplements

Clinic brand your supplements. This ensures your customers to be reliant on you for supplement refills. Veterinary clinics lose sales to big-box retailers as customers find the products cheaper from them. When you sell the supplements with your clinic’s label on them, they tend to return to your clinic for refills.  

The Veterinarian’s Role

As experts on animal health, veterinarians play an important role in selling supplements at the clinic. It is the of veterinarians to vet all the medications and supplements dispensed to animal owners. Empirical reports from colleagues are valuable in decision-making. First-hand experience — “I tried it on my dog” — can provide peace of mind to a pet owner and give you greater credibility for your products. 

Training your staff

Train your staff on all supplements and their benefits. Your team should be able to fragment invoices by recommending supplements to your customers when they visit the clinic. Complement your service with a supplement. 


Veterinarians must take the lead in recommending safe products for patients. As a health care provider, you must become the most recognized source of knowledge and of products that are in the best interest of your clients and their pets. Performing due diligence by trialing products with your staff and pets and being fully transparent with clients about non-legend products, you can meet the needs of a consumer population, who are spending more and more time looking for alternative therapies for their pets. In addition, safely combining prescription medications and supplements can make your practice more successful and your clients happier.

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