Help Them Stay Calm


Help Them Stay Calm

Every dog has its day, but it sure ain’t the 4th of July

As we approach the 4th of July weekend and getting ready for the celebrations with family and friends, we shouldn’t oversee that this weekend will be an anxious time for our furry companions.

Dogs have a negative reaction to some of the activities associated with the Fourth of July – fireworks, parades, parties, and such. That doesn’t imply that they are unpatriotic.

Most fireworks are loud, and dogs have a keen sense of hearing than us. So loud fireworks are alarming for them. Loud noise poses a threat, and due to the unpredictable nature of the fireworks, it makes them anxious.

How to keep your dogs calm and safe during fireworks

Try a Calming Chew: Calming chews have proven results to help dogs calm down during fireworks or usually anxious dogs. So, before the fireworks start, make sure you have some calming chews handy.

“Calms my dogs down when needed and they eat them just like any other treats”
Chad Williams

Try a Calming Wrap: Calming wraps, vests, and shirts apply light, constant pressure. Many dogs find this soothing and calming. You may find such products help in other anxiety-inducing situations, like fireworks and thunderstorms.

Keep them inside: Although you might be planning to go to a parade or see the fireworks, it is a good idea to keep your dogs at home away from all the loud noises. That way, they are in a known environment, and they feel safe.

Tire them out: A tired dog is a happy dog, as vets say. As a preventive move, before the fireworks start, it is good to get dogs plenty of exercise. Take them out for a long walk or an off-leash park to burn off excess energy and perhaps allow them to sleep through the noise.


In addition to displaying fearful behavior, some dogs also cling to their owners, destroy property, soil the house, or injure themselves when they hear a noise that upsets them. Hence it is essentially important to take preventive measures for your fur babies before you start celebrating your Fourth of July weekend.

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